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Telekolleg Englisch 50 America - People and Places: Alberta

Das vierte Trimester - "Englisch - Landeskunde Amerika: "America - People and Places" - führt uns in die kanadische Provinz Alberta, die wir in der 50. Lektion näher kennenlernen.

Published at: 10-4-2019 | Archiv

Im Mittelpunkt des 4. Trimesters stehen Interviews mit Personen aus unterschiedlichsten Berufszweigen und in verschiedensten Lebenssituationen.

Unsere wichtigsten Interviewpartner in Alberta

Ron Casey is Mayor of Canmore, a small community located 100 kilometres west of Calgary, in Alberta. Canmore was originally a mining town but in 1979 the mines closed and Canmore turned to tourism as a main source of income. Since 1988 Canmore has developed at an enormous rate. Despite this rapid growth the town has not neglected the environment. Wildlife corridors have been built so that enough green space is availiable for animals to move around without being disturbed.

G. Brooke Carter runs a printing company in Calgary. Brooke talks about the beginnings of his business, how T-Shirts and other items of clothing are printed and what sort of investments are necessary to ensure that the company can grow and prosper.

Dr. Bruce Naylor is Director of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta. The museum contains a magnificent collection of fossils and dinosaur bones. Recently the museum discovered a complete skeleton of a juvenile Albertosaurus, a flesh-eating dinosaur named after the Canadian province. Apart from carrying out fieldwork and scientific research, the museum is also open to the public.