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Telekolleg Englisch 51 America - People and Places: British Columbia

Das vierte Trimester - "Englisch - Landeskunde Amerika: "America - People and Places" - führt uns in die kanadische Provinz British Columbia, die wir in der 51. Lektion näher kennenlernen.

Published at: 10-4-2019 | Archiv

Im Mittelpunkt des 4. Trimesters stehen Interviews mit Personen aus unterschiedlichsten Berufszweigen und in verschiedensten Lebenssituationen.

Unsere wichtigsten Interviewpartner in British Columbia

Peter Mitchell is Director of British Columbia Film Commission in Vancouver. He describes how the Commission tries to attract the film business to Vancouver. If a film producer in the US, for example, has a project and is searching for suitable locations he might send the film scripts to Vancouver. The Commission will then try to match the locations in the script to locations in British Columbia. If the producer and the director like what the Commission can offer they will come to British Columbia and look the locations themselves. If everything goes well, the film will be shot in Canada.

John F. Timms is the community relations co-ordinator for Translink, the translator of SkyTrain, the driverless train in Vancouver. John describes how regional planners first came together in Vancouver to find ways to reduce pollution in the city. Their solution was the SkyTrain, a fully automated regional train service. Although the service is driverless, it is very safe. Apart from hundreds of cameras monitoring the system there are also alarm systems on the trains and in the stations providing passengers with a quick and effective method of asking for help.

Firoz Rasul is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ballard Power Systems, a company that is involved in the development of fuel cell technology. Firoz explains that fuel cell technology is an environmentally clean power source which can be used in a large range of applications.