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Telekolleg Englisch 44 America - People and Places: Kentucky

Das vierte Trimester - "Englisch - Landeskunde Amerika: "America - People and Places" - führt uns in den US-Bundesstaat Kentucky, den wir in der 44. Lektion näher kennenlernen.

Published at: 10-4-2019 | Archiv

Im Mittelpunkt des 4. Trimesters stehen Interviews mit Personen aus unterschiedlichsten Berufszweigen und in verschiedensten Lebenssituationen.

Unsere wichtigsten Interviewpartner in Kentucky

Josephine Abercrombie owns Pinnock Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. Josephine raises horses. She looks after them, breaks them and prepares them for the race track. Josephine thinks Kentucky is the perfect place for raising horses. There is a limestone base under the soil and this is the best environment vor what horses like best - bluegrass.

Wesley Wittner, who comes from Paris in Kentucky, would like to make a living from farming. However, the situation for farmers in the US is not easy so at the moment Wesley is working in a factory where he can rely on a regular income.
Charles Northcutt also works in a factory. When he is not at work he enjoys raising tabacco at home and giving concealed weapons classes.

Mike Delk is a pastor at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Lexington. Michael talks about the history of the church, the wood carvings and the stained glass windows. Later we see him in a bible class working with some of his parishioners.