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Telekolleg Englisch 49 America - People and Places: Ontario

Das vierte Trimester - "Englisch - Landeskunde Amerika: "America - People and Places" - führt uns in die kanadische Provinz Ontario, die wir in der 49. Lektion näher kennenlernen.

Published at: 10-4-2019 | Archiv

Im Mittelpunkt des 4. Trimesters stehen Interviews mit Personen aus unterschiedlichsten Berufszweigen und in verschiedensten Lebenssituationen.

Unsere wichtigsten Interviewpartner in Ontario

Christine Trauttmansdorff is a clerk at the House of Commons in Ottawa where she is responsible for recording the decisions of the members of parliament during debates. Christine talks about the system of government in Canada, how legislation comes about and the purpose of "question period". She also mentions that the proceedings in the House are broadcast across the country and made available to the public on the Internet in English and French.

Ali Rahnema is Vice-President of Marketing at "The Globe and Mail", one of Canada's national newspapers. Ali talks about the paper's circulation, its readers and some of the challenges it faces publishing national in a country as large as Canada.

Brenda K. Hobbs is the Manager of Records and Historical Information at the Hudson's Bay Company. Her job comes about as part of an agreement with the Canadian government in which the Hudson's Bay Company would look for new information within the company's history and makes that available to the public. Brenda tells the story of how the Hudson's Bay Company was founded and how it first traded with aboriginal communities in Canada.