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Telekolleg Englisch 48 America - People and Places: Québec

Das vierte Trimester - "Englisch - Landeskunde Amerika: "America - People and Places" - führt uns in die kanadische Provinz Québec, die wir in der 48. Lektion näher kennenlernen.

Published at: 10-4-2019 | Archiv

Im Mittelpunkt des 4. Trimesters stehen Interviews mit Personen aus unterschiedlichsten Berufszweigen und in verschiedensten Lebenssituationen.

Unsere wichtigsten Interviewpartner in Québec

Priscille LeBlanc is the Director for Corporate Communications for Air Canada in Dorval, Québec. Priscille talks about the history of Air Canada, the role it played in the economic development of Canada and the service it offers today. The company started life in 1937 as Trans Canada Airline and now operates 600 flights in 239 aircraft daily. Canada is a large country so there is also a need for Air Canada to provide service between regional communities. Air Canada's regional airline network consists of three carriers: Air Nova, operating in the Atlantic provinces an Québec, Air Ontario, operating in Canada's largest province, and Air BC which serves the West.

André Maesscheart is the District Manager for Avis rent-a-car Montreal. Avis has been in Canada for 42 years. Today the company is located in 150 cities across the country, employing 1.200 people and having approximately 16.000 cars on rent at any one time. André says Avis puts greate emphasis on high levels of costumer satisfaction. One way of achieving this is by training staff to treat costumers properly and effectively. Avis makes sure it employs people from a diverse cultural backround so that costumers can be served at the counters in many different languages.

Betty Eitner is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers Co-operative. Betty describes the production processes at Citadelle. First the syrup is gathered from the maple trees and stored in barrels. Then each barrel is tested by a government inspector. Afterwards the syrup is filtered, pasteurised and stored in stainless steel tanks. Later it is bottled. Betty emphasises that maple syrup is one of the few sweeteners in the world that it 100 % natural. It is becoming increasingly popular around the world especially for people who are looking for natural products in their diets.